He came to me asking for a place to perform prayers.I accompanied him towards the Masjid. He first asked for a cup .I showed him the water tap to take directly from it but he insisted for a cup.

I procured a cup for him from a nearby pantry.

He took water in that cup and then took his Wudhu (abolution) from it. My question on why he didn’t take Wudhu directly from the water tap was met with a smile.
After the prayer he answered the question I had asked:

He came from a village about 100km away from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.His name was Ahmed Behjat. He had grown up and studied in Egypt and was now working in Kuwait. In his country every commodity is received as ration including water.Taking a Bathing is not a usual routine .Even drinking water is an precious commodity.When the summer intensifies the sight of dead animals on the roadside is very frequent site.People dying of thirst is nothing new

 He was amazed at how I performed ablution.He told me “The duration of your Wudhu was one and half minute, majority of the time the tap was open.I filled by cup with just 10 seconds.Even after performing my Wudhu there is water left in my cup..15 people can make Wudhu with the water that you have used!”

I was astonished! If the case of one person is this, then 90% of the water used for Wudhu will be wasted in the same way.The amount of water we waste while bathing for leisure is huge.The water we are pouring away is the right of everyone else.This is a punishable offense in the sight of Allah.Even our state has become a place where you cannot find a glass of water to quench your thirst.

Bahjath takes Wudhu from home because of the fear of wasting water from the Tap of the Masjid.

We need to learn many things on water usage.Our source of pure water is decreasing day by day.The survival generations is being called into question. 

But we do not engage in such discussion.Wastage of water should be considered a criminal offence.The existence of nation calls for it.

Now the same picture comes to mind when we hear about the country Somalia. Bahjath . Through his simple example, gave me a huge lesson…

Another brother had to pass the same advise to me through his actions..

Our Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) advised a companion not to waste water even “if you are at the bank of a flowing river”

(An experience from a friend …)

Recieved from Whatsapp and Translated to English..
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