South Malippuram village is inhabited by migrants from Kochi in latter half of 20th century.The large majority belong to Muslim community with poor financial background.SMART Project is an initiative by the local people of Malipuram,Vypin with the support of external organizations to improve the educational status of the community.

Amity Forum have identified this initiative as its social project for the year 2015-16.

1)Socio Economic Survey Report In this context that Amity conducted the survey to understand the areas of cooperation with SMART team.The survey covered about 215 households in the village.

2)Financial Support for Study Hall Construction
More than ₹3 Lakhs handed by Amity towards the Construction of Study Hall

3)Career Guidance Session
Anshath Kolathur who is a Senior Resource Person at CIGI (Centre for Information and Guidance India) .He conducted a Career Guidance class for the youngsters of Amity.

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