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Peace and Blessings of God Upon you

We live in a world where religion is not looked upon very favourably. It is presumed to be divisive and regressive. There are ample examples to cite. Hypocrisy of the so called believers and misrepresentation of religion also make it less appealing to people, especially to the educated ones. The ideals propounded by religion are considered to be outdated and unscientific. People rather prefer the norms and values of modernism that promises a paradise on the earth. People get indoctrinated by the ideals of liberalism, capitalism and other modern ‘isms’ through education systems, media, arts and literature. These are considered to be more scientific than religion.

But is it improving our life any better? Of course, it has improved our standard of living.

Does it come with a price tag too heavy for the people to bear? These days people who commit suicide outnumber the people who are killed in war and other forms of violence.

Why does that happen?

While chasing happiness in life promised by these ‘isms’, are we missing the real happiness?

Were our ancestors happier?

Can that happiness be sought and found in religion?

Amity Forum intends to look at an alternative way of life in this modern era, re-discovering religion in the context of modernity. We believe it can be a unifying force. Rather than dividing life as materialistic and spiritual, it unifies matter and spirit to give a holistic meaning to life. It can motivate progress by unifying humanity as children originated from a common parent, created, guided and taken care of by One God for all.


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